A little boy reached for life and

salt tears bloomed everywhere.


Salt Blossoms


Salt Blossoms

Formation of tears

Tears form improvising crystals.

Beautiful forms everywhere.

Flowers from the salt.


Salt Blossoms

Micrograph of tears ©2016 Henrieke Strecker



Salt Blossoms

Micrograph of tears ©2017 Henrieke Strecker


Ten Each Day [Reading]




Ten Each Day

Her candle burns forever for

him. We hold his heart close,

listening in every breath for

his tender radiant cheer.

She wants life. She makes life.

She is life. Her touch arouses

our hope. Daily she talks with

her black bird about her boy.

Their language is oat flakes. Ten

each day on the ledge. The bird

comes for his meal with her.

Let the shouting world rush. We

are slow. Quiet. Flame, bird,

a woman who chooses to love.


Salt Blossoms

Somewhere ©2016 Tears, Silver Gelatin Print


Accepting The Tides [Reading]




Accepting the Tides

We ache to explain how the wrong

could happen. We demand to know.

By what exact sequence of steps

did this harsh blow break our flesh?

Wanting to know is our human nature.

But more: we want our knowledge to be

control. We loathe feeling helpless.

We hope to tame life by explaining.

And often we can. Knowing harm’s ways

teaches precaution and repair. But

many things elude our comprehension.

Here we balk. Unable to know, unable

to control, we invent our stories to avoid

accepting the tides we cannot command.




The blur of weeping washes away

clear edges, names, definite

thoughts and memories, leaving

only the flood of fluttering grief.

The loss is stone finality and yet

still we say No no no! again no!

Stay! Don't go! Come back! Please!

But there is only the ripped void.

And so the shaking. Back and forth,

the helpless plea and the harsh

truth: this relentless quavering.

Thus tears, for all their bitter sting,

soothe what we must endure. They

bandage our eyes and let us see less.


Wide Open Window

Through her window 

opened   wide

a sudden breeze!

Sheets of paper 

fall from table  landing

on wooden floor

In an instant

she remembers 

beloved him

How she showed him 

wonders of nature

She recalls 

how she picked up 

linden tree seeds from

hard winter ground

threw those tiny

propellers   into air

His eyes followed

the falling seeds

circling   circling

faster  faster

down to ground

He smiled and smiled

„Nochmal“ he said

over and over   again

„Nochmal   Nochmal“

Never getting tired of

these beautiful movements 

of nature’s intelligence


Walking the Garden

Birds – Last Spring 2016

First warm days in spring

after he has left hospital

she walks with him into gardens

From stroller he looks up 

to swaying branches 

points with little fingers

she follows fingers and 

eyes as they follow 

the flight of birds

Birds, she says, Birds

He can not pronounce the word

Eating homemade lunch

she has brought for him

then time for his nap

He reaches for her hand and lays 

it onto his soft cheek

he does not let it move

He holds her hand tight

Her other hand gently 

strokes him into sleep

Many times wanting reassurance 

he opens his eyes again, looks at her

with his blue eyes, his eyelids heavy like

lead, close again

Bending over him,

she hums Judy Garland’s song, 

his other „soft friend“, 

and after a while he fells asleep

He knew Over the Rainbow from hearing

his „soft friend“, a stuffed animal,

where he had to pull the string 

using much force 

for a little boy

Now, half a year later, 

he grabs her hand less and less

Now he trusts

But that time in April, 

right after awakening from infused coma,

he needed her hand on his cheek, 

to be sure of her caring presence, to trust

that someone is there for him,

while he let go and  

fell asleep


She sits   gazing

out the window   into



from far far away 

he says   eina


Salt Blossoms

Much is mystery. 

Unknowable. We gaze into an 

infinite darkness.


Walking the Garden

Nearby the 

gurgling brook

he takes a nap

in the shadow

July 1st, 2016


Salt Blossoms

Micrograph of tears



Walking the Garden

He digs into his yellow food 

with his red spoon 

chews thoughtfully 

looks up into her eyes 


(Botanical Garden, Berlin)


Salt Blossoms

Formation of tears

Tears form improvising crystals.

Beautiful forms everywhere.

Flowers from the salt.


Walking the Garden

Birds singing

from afar

children’s voices

She hums to him

"Somewhere Over

The Rainbow "

His eyelids 

heavy like lead

open   close   open   close

He holds her hand

at his cheek and

finds sleep

(Britzer Garten, Berlin)

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