"I love your little book.  I’ve read it many times now, and with each reading find something magical."


"A tiny sick boy, a kind woman, a deepening bond – this book of exquisite love is all our hope for the world we cherish. Keep it close at hand and return to it daily."


"This is absolutely beautiful – the utter simplicity of the poems, the exquisite images of crystals growing from tears, the pure love – this book is inexpressively lovely. I will sit quietly in Quaker Meeting today thinking on all of this."


"Beautifully delicate."


"Received your book! A little gem."


"In this book I feel deeply the tender story of an intimate rapport between artist and child. Each page is a drop of life in word and image."


"A beautiful and eloquent tribute to this young soul searching for a place to land. Looking at the day and night, and map of hidden, silent existence. A tenuous and precious thread of life. Her witness and love affirms it."


"Very beautiful, very moving. The boy must be a very special person. Good to have her by his side."


"A beautiful book. Intimate format. A silent book."


"Moving and empathetic."